University Options in China for International Students

Higher Education in China

Recent years have seen China quickly become a favourite with international students looking for quality education, and a different cultural experience. China is also becoming an increasingly popular higher education destination for international students with more programs taught in English and over 500,000 international students in 2019.

Best Universities for International Students

Tsinghua University

Introduction Tsinghua University, the largest academy in China, is positioned in Beijing and can trace it's origin all the way back to 1911. Well-known for its challenging engineering and computer science programs at Tsinghua, it has a wide range of courses in English at state-of-the-art research facilities. With a diverse student population of more than 7,500 international students, the university offers an exciting, multicultural atmosphere.

Peking University

The other top institution, Peking University, is fantastic for humanities and social sciences, and law, and the sciences. Haidian District, Beijing, is the district where Renmin University of China is located and found, combining a sense of Chinese tradition (in this historic area of the city) with modern, state-of-the art academic facilities, providing International Students with the best of both worlds. International conferences and cultural events at Peking University Peking University serves as a home for many international conferences and cultural activities.

Fudan University

Fudan University, in Shanghai, as one of the most prestigious universities in China, underpins an exceptionally wide range of topics, from its liberal arts faculty to medical sciences. Fudan is known for being one of China's more liberal campuses and a destination for overseas students who want to study in the vibrant sea of Shanghai.

Unique Schooling Types

University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

USTC is well respected for their contributions in the curriculum of science and technology. The university, in Hefei, is a part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and provides distinctive research possibilities in areas like quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

The ranking is compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), and the top 1000 from the overall ranking are listed here.

SJTU hosts some of the most highly ranked programs in engineering, business, and biotechnology. Its collaboration with global universities such as the University of Michigan offers excellent dual degrees to its students.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

China offers multiple scholarships for luring high-profile international candidates. Fewer scholarships are as generous as the Chinese Government Scholarship, which covers not only full tuition but also accommodation, medical insurance and monthly stipend. In other universities, sometimes you can get full scholarships paying your fees 100 %, Scholarships like in Tsinghua and Peking.

Culture Integration and Support Services

Chinese universities provide significant services for international students to integrate, this consists of:

Based on the Language and cultural orientation

Help in Visa and Accommodation;

Placement in Chinese and global corporation career services and internship opportunities


Chinese culture is older than most and international students who come to study in China are also exposed to one of the richest, most interesting cultures in the world. Please click university in china for international student to get more info about studying in china 2020.

The universities of China are taking care of the atmosphere that should be friendly and supportive for the progress of international students, whether physically or emotionally, during the course of their studies.

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